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I tell ya, the stuff flying in over the wires is amazing! Everything shows up from professional photographer stuff to kids with Instamatics...and you know, the quality of the photo really doesn't matter. It's the subject, and the time...we'll never get back to this magic time again, so we just may as well enjoy what we can see. It's all good.

One thing we don't have, though, is photos for sale.
Most the photos on this site are unpublished, and are the copyrighted property of the individual photographers.

Check the Links page for photographers, and their contact information...

If there's something you don't see here, and you've got pictures of it, either scan 'em and send 'em in, or e-mail me and we'll work out something.

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A whole mess of Jungle Jim Photos!

ready to fire

Jungle at the AHRA "Show Me" Nationals at Kansas City Int'l Raceway...getting ready to fire up.

Stan Berry Photo

post burnout

Jungle at the AHRA "Show Me" Nationals at Kansas City Int'l Raceway...Pam making sure everything's okay.

Stan Berry Photo

Jungle in Kansas

Jungle at the AHRA "Show Me" Nationals at Kansas City Int'l Raceway...

Stan Berry Photo

the RED Vega

This has got to be 1975-6? Late model Vega nose, Pam still with the team, and I'll bet this was taken in Canada,
more than likely Cayuga Dragway...

T. Barrett photo, provided by Rob Potter

Camaro Burnout

One of those magazine photos that come in over the transom occasionally...JJ's Camaro, with the added flames. Not knowing as much of the Jungle history as I should, I'll surmise that the flames were added due to some kind of mishap, and the desire to not have to repaint the whole body...any input here?

Photog unknown

Ramp Truck

And this how they traveled the match race circuit...No semi, no hospitality center, no enclosed trailer, just a ramp truck and a race car.

Dave McFee photo

Jungle Jim Camaro

Must be 1970, or maybe 1972...Jungle Jim captured in the pits at Irwindale Raceway

Dave McFee photo


A shot from one of the resident Gasser experts...The Jungle Man at Englishtown Raceway Park...

Barry Kashar photo

Jungle Winters

Looks like the Winternationals, the '67 Chevy II making for the top end...

Dave Cochrane photo

Jungle Pam showing off the fact that not only does she have looks, she's got the strength!

Bob Plumer Photo

Steel Chevy II

Jungle's steel bodied Chevy II, where, I have no idea...

Dick Wittnebel Photo

JJ Camaro

Not much known about this photo, but I'm sure Mark will let in on the circumstances..

Mark Hovsepian photo


Hey, is there something leaking under there? Hmm...I'd say it's another no underwear day...

Jungle at Cayuga

Here's Jungle Jim taking on TV Tommy Ivo at Cayuga Dragway, gotta be 1975-6, two of the hardest touring pros around.

Rob Potter Photo

Jungle Nova

Jungle going off against Ray Alley's Engine Masters 'Cuda.

JJ Nova

The 70 Nova, before the sponsor decals went on. I believe this is the red Nova, very early in its career.

Tom West photo © 1999

Jungle 69 Nova

Another fine Tom West photo of Jim Liberman's 1969 Nova at Irwindale Raceway.

Tom West Photo © 1999

Jungle Camaro

Here we have Jungle's 70 Camaro. If you will note, this is a very special variation.

Jungle Jim & Pam

The Jungle Jim, with Jungle Pam didn't last very long, from what I hear it was only two weeks, but what I hear it could have been a fire, a crash, or a displeased sponsor...don't think Revell liked it too much.

Bob Plumer Collection

Jim Liberman, pre-Revell Camaro here at OCIR.

Tom West photo?

Jungle, getting ready for a leisurely Sunday drive...Nice matching tow car.

Bob Plumer Collection

67 Jungle Nova

This would be the 1967 version of the steel Chevy II, the first version was the 1966 "Coyle Chevrolet/Jungle Jim" version.

Tom West photo

Jungle 68 Nova

Fremont, and Jungle Jim's 1970 Nova. Note the differences between this car and the 69 version below, chopped top on the 70, the painted grille, running Enderle injectors...additional info provided by Jim Butler. Thanks!

Bob Plumer collection

Jungle Nova

Taken at Orange County, check out the dew on the car. You can clearly see the body bracing, as the dew showed up on the thinner sections first.

Tom West Photo

Jungle Jim's half of the 2 Nova team. Clare Sanders being the second half. This car was among the last of the Chev-powered funnies.

Tom West Photo

Jungle Vega again...

Jungle Jim, sliding a little sideways on one of his patented big burnouts.

Tom West Photo

Jungle Vega

Jungle Jim 1972-3 Vega at the "County". This is the car that was on all those Revell boxes, both 1/16th scale and 1/25th scale.

Tom West Photo

Tom West Jungle Cover

Jungle Jim at OCIR, 1972.

Tom West's first cover shot.

sweaty Jim

Got a bit hot in those things, don't ya think? Jungle shows off his sweat-stained physique.

Bob Plumer Collection

Jim does a great burnout, here at Capitol Raceway. Nice racer tape on the grille...

Bob Plumer Collection

James Morgan Photo

Between round maintenence. New England Dragway, and even James doesn't remember the year.

Jungle Pam. Waiting in the staging lanes.

Bob Plumer Collection

Jungle Pam doing the bleach thing at New England Dragway.

Mark Hovsepian photo

A found photo at a swap meet. "3 bucks? Sure!" Later autographed by Jungle Pam, who sees the photo, lets out a shriek, and says, "I must not have not been wearing any underwear that day!"

photo generously provided by Jim Kampmann

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