Those first steps of the funny car pioneers...from the early A/FX "let's slide the body back, they'll never notice it" years,
pretty much up to when the names changed from the "Blue Max"and such, to "Big Beer Company Here"!

I tell ya, the stuff flying in over the wires is amazing! Everything shows up from professional photographer stuff to kids with Instamatics...and you know, the quality of the photo really doesn't matter. It's the subject, and the time...we'll never get back to this magic time again, so we just may as well enjoy what we can see. It's all good.

One thing we don't have, though, is photos for sale.
Most the photos on this site are unpublished, and are the copyrighted property of the individual photographers.

Check the Links page for photographers, and their contact information...

If there's something you don't see here, and you've got pictures of it, either scan 'em and send 'em in, or e-mail me and we'll work out something.

These pages are rather large, with lots of pictures, and it might load a little slow. Sorry.

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Invader Vette

One of many shots you'll see soon by Dave Cochrane and his travelin' 110 camera...

The Invader Vette, being unloaded off of the truck at Irwindale...

Dave Cochrane photo

Kirby Camaro

Don Krby wipes a little sweat off of his brow after some work on the Kirby and .... Camaro, driven by his brother Bud.

Bob Plumer photo

LA Hooker

Dave Condit in the LA Hooker Charger...

Tom West photo © 1999

Bobby Wood Chevelle

Bobby Wood, Atlanta area funny car racer, and his first funny effort.
The Palomino 1 was powered by a blown 396 Chevy Rat motor, and had one of the most altered wheelbases around...

Photo © 1997 Marvin T. Smith

Bobby Wood

Bobby Wood Nova Funny...towards the end of Bobby's driving career.
I believe the next car was a Vega after this, and then I don't recall seeing much after the Vega...

Tom West Photo © 1999

Guthrie and Burton

Ron Pelligrini's Buick Gran Sport Funny, after it had moved to new owners...Guthrie and Burton ? Hard to read the lettering on the door...
Sponsored by the Chicagoland Buick Dealers.

Ross Martin photo

Twig and Gene

Gene Snow in his "Snowman" Charger, a wheel out on "Twig" Ziegler in the old Whipple and McCulloch Duster...

Dave Esqueda photo

unknown cuda

You tell me...Irwindale, 1969.

And I've been told...Bob Brock provides these comments...

"The Barracuda on Page 2 is Larry Reyes, post- Coleman and Taylor. Don Hardy chassis, Coleman and Taylor engine and trans.,
"Paint by Molly" the car was crewed by Bill Powell and was lettered the next week .
Larry sold it (to Paula "Miss STP" Murphy) after a horrible 3 months and started driving for Roland Leong (first Hawaiian Funny)."

"Larry put this deal together and brought it out west in the summer of 69.
He hooked up with us because at Irwindale the year before we were running our B/G car,
and some how figured out a problem Coleman was having one nite with their car.
We ran the car for 3 months and never ran better than 8.03, it left like gangbusters and fell on its face every run.
We were sure it was timing but Larry told us that Coleman said to line up the marks on the mag (don't f*** with it) and creep up on the percentage.
The last time out, after it was sold (you are correct to Paula) and behind Larry's back I moved the mag up a few teeth (high tech)
and the car went and ran 7.79 low ET at the time.
The pineapple was a mixture of happy and pissed, his shot at being an independant was a failure because we ran the car the whole summer 10 degrees retarded."

David McFee Photo

Larry Reyes

And here it is after the lettering was completed.

Photo provided by Bob Plumer

Larry Reyes Cuda

And again at OCIR...

Photo provided by Bob Plumer

Now, if somebody can only get me a good color or black and white of Paula Murphy in this car...

Frankie Pisano, before he stepped out of the seat and let Sush Matsubara take over the handling chores of the Pisano funnies...

David McFee photo

Super Shaker

Terry Hedrick, and the Seaton's Super Shaker Corvair...

Steve Reyes photo

Super Shaker pits

Nice pit shot of the Super Shaker Corvair...

Photo by Sam Axford

Super Twister"

And here's The Super Twister Corvair! If it looks familiar, that's because it's the old Super Shaker Corvair...

Rob Potter Photo (or at least it came from him!)

Sturm and Fisher

Sturm and Fisher at Irwindale, 1969

David McFee Photo

Dodge Fever

Dave Beebe in the Dodge Fever Challenger at Irwindale. Tim Beebe wrenched this car, but this looks like it was in the pre-reverser era...

Dave McFee photo

Fiberglass Ltd.

Great ad for Fiberglass, LTD., Ron Pelligrini's company.

Reads..."LIGHT CHARGER..One piece 1969 Dodge Charger 500 fiberglass body, weighing 125 lbs., is available for $995, F.O.B., FiberGlass LTD, 4125 Washington Blvd., Hillside, Ill. 60162. Gene Logghe, upper photo left, and brother, Ron, of Logghe Stamping, 16711 E 13 Mile Rd, Fraser, Mich., racing chassis builders, demonstrate lightness of Charger body. Lower photos show front and rear of car.Separate fiberglass parts, ranging from fenders, hood and doors to one piece front end, deck lid, and bumpers are also available.
From: Fiber Glass LTD., 4125 Washington Blvd., Hillside, Ill. 60162 (AC312) 541-0800"

Photo provided by Rob Potter

Wahlay Bros

The Whalay Bros Camaro

photo provided by Rob Potter

Pabst Charger

Charlie Proite's Pabst Blue Ribbon Charger. One of, if not the first brewery sponsored cars. Russell Long behind the wheel in this photo...

Photo provided by Rick Covington

PBR Stats

And here's the back of the handout...funny, on the picture, it has Russell Long as the driver...but the again, drivers got changed like underwear back in those days...especially if you drove for Roland Leong...

Provided by Rick Covington

Brutus Charger

The Brutus Charger...was a loaner from Fred Forkner, after the Mustang went up in flames...I show it's best as a 6.45 at 221.07 MPH.

Bob Plumer Photo

Boston Shaker

One of a long line of "Boston Shaker"s, Kosty Ivanof's Plymouth Satellite...big on the east coast circuit.

Rob Potter Photo


The "Agitator" Cuda...looks like 1966-7 here for the year, who's got the rest of the story?

Your Name Here!

Damn Yankee Cuda

Don Cook's Damn Yankee Cuda, with, I believe Ron O'Donnell in the drivers seat.

Tom West Photo © 1999

Damn Yankee Vega

Damn Yankee Vega... Ron O'Donnell was involved with this one...

No photo credit supplied


Cayuga Dragway, the spot, Larry Christopherson in the Dick Harrell Vega in the far lane, Bergler and Prock with the "nice" paint job in the near lane...

Rob Potter photo

Icemaker Charger

Bob Barry ran this car back in the mid-70's...sponsored by an Italian Ice company!

Dave Popowich photo

Icemaker Charger

Bob Barry in the Icemaker Charger at NY National on Long Island...

Tom West Photo © 1999

Jim Wemett

Jim Wemett, out of Macedon, NY, and a 73 Mustang bodied Funny. Ran a best of 6.79 at 202.7 MPH.

G.Potyok photo

Hill Bros

Same place, same race...the Hill Bros. Rapid Transit Cuda...

G.Potyok photo

Eastern ...

Can't really tell here, but could this be one of the "Eastern Raider" Funnies?

Lost the photo credit, but it belongs to someone!


Jim Shue's Hell Fire Corvette at Irwindale...

Dave McFee photo

Hell Fire Tow

The Hell Fire Corvette on its way back to the pits after a run at Irwindale...

Dave McFee photo

Bob Plumer Photo

Mr Norm 1968

My favorite of all the Mr. Norm cars, the 1968 version, with Gary Dyer at the wheel.

Photo credit lost...

66 Mr Norm Charger

Before there were 18 wheel transporters, and before enclosed trailers, there were ramp trucks.
If you were around in the late 60's and early 70's, there were fleets of there trucks, running funny cars coast to coast.

This one happens to be Mr. Norm's, and it makes for a great set of work ramps!

Bob Plumer photo


Chris Karamasines had to have a funny car, so this is the result. Kent Fuller chassis, driven at times by both Pat Foster, and Ron O'Donnell.

David McFee photo

Gene Snow Challenger

Gene Snow at Pomona, 1970. Still the Rambunctious name, hadn't secured that Revell sponsorship yet...

Dave Esqueda Photo

Goeske Roberts

Here we've got a little match race going on..."Fearless" Fred Goeske in the Barracuda in the far lane, and Don Roberts,
in the "Slider" AA/GD in the near lane...check a little farther on the site, and you'll see that Don drove quite a number of
funnys also, notably the King and Marshall match race Duster...don't know the results of this match race, but I'll try and
find out...

Photo provided by Don Roberts

Flash Gordon

"Flash" Gordon Mineo, and his Vega funny, demonstrating the fine art of backing up the car after the burnout.
As you all know, back in the early 70's, you could be disqualified if your backup guide was not a beautiful woman.
Gordo looks like he'll stay in THIS field...
(It's a joke, folks...)

Bob Plumer Photo

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