Those first steps of the funny car pioneers...from the early A/FX "let's slide the body back, they'll never notice it" years,
pretty much up to when the names changed from the "Blue Max"and such, to "Big Beer Company Here"!

I tell ya, the stuff flying in over the wires is amazing! Everything shows up from professional photographer stuff to kids with Instamatics...and you know, the quality of the photo really doesn't matter. It's the subject, and the time...we'll never get back to this magic time again, so we just may as well enjoy what we can see. It's all good.

We continue adding photos and info as they come in, and as we find it. Again, we're striving to identify as much about these photos as we can, such as the tracks, the drivers, the dates, the photographers, and any clever anecdotes about the particular racers. If you've got pictures and/or information, hey, don't be shy. Send it on over!

One thing we don't have, though, is photos for sale.
Most the photos on this site are unpublished, and are the copyrighted property of the individual photographers.

Check the Links page for photographers, and their contact information...

If there's something you don't see here, and you've got pictures of it, either scan 'em and send 'em in, or e-mail me and we'll work out something.

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Henry Harrison in the Vulture Barracuda

Bob Plumer Collection

Bad Bascomb

Bad Bascomb's Ghost, one of the So Cal Novas, owned by Bill Bradford.

Bob Plumer Photo


Another of the So Cal Novas. Bob McFarland's Mastercharge.

Bob Plumer Photo

Super Nova

More So Cal Novas.....Randy Walls' Super Nova.
Randy still has the molds for this body, and when I talked with him at the CHRR in 1997,
he had gotten this car back and was in the process of restoring it.

Brand X

Sien and Lankford's Brand X Mustang at OCIR...

Tom West photo © 1999

Rift Raft

Bryan Raines and the California Rift Raft Mustang

Bob Plumer photo

Frantic Ford

The K & G Speed Associates Frantic Ford 69 Mustang, Dodger Glenn Ron Rivero at the controls.
Minnesota Dragway...
I'l write it 5 times...
Ron Rivero
Ron Rivero
Ron Rivero
Ron Rivero
Ron Rivero


Dick Wittnebel photo

Souza Bros

Boy, some photos just don't hold up to time...The Souza Bros and Dad. Why does this car look so familiar?
Don't rightly know, as this was a completely home-built ride, featuring a wedge-head 427 Ford,
rather than the Cammers so frequently used by the Ford guys...

Dick Brannan

Maybe this will jog your memories....Now, does this look like the Mustang above? I'd say so...
the only major difference I can see, is the front wheelwells are different on the two cars...

So, is the Souza Bros. and Dad Mustang an old factory A/FX Car? Inquiring minds want to know...and the answer is no.
Just very similar in wheelbase and body styling...

Logghe Stamping

Logghe Stampings in-house funny. Probably Tom Prock at the wheel. And check out the bitchin Shelby tow car...

Dick Wittnebel photo


Roland Leong's Hawaiian. This is the 1970 version, but as far as the driver, I'm not sure.
Possibly Pat Foster, or could be Larry Reyes.


Chuck Finders, an ex-Gasser guy, ran this 'Cuda Funny with Jr. Rollins.

James Morgan Photo


Roland Leong's Hawaiian suffers some body distortion on the top end at Lions...

John Ewald Photo

Harrell Camaro

Dick Harrell, in the 1967 Camaro Funny, Rat Powered. Dick hung on until almost the end with the Chevy motors.
He finally changed to the standard Elephant motor in the early '70's.

Kelly Chadwick

Kelly Chadwick's Camaro. The Wild Thang!

musicland Camaro

Jim Hodges, Musicland Camaro

Dick Wittnebel photo

Strip Blazer

Malcom Durham's Strip Blazer Camaro, at Yellow River Drag Strip, March, 1969

Marvin T. Smith photo

Mr.T Camaro

Steve Bovan's Mister T Camaro.

Tom West Photo © 1999

Whalay Bros.

The Whalay Bros Warlord Camaro

Mr. Norm

The Mr. Norm Charger on the tow strap at Minnesota Dragway.

Dick Wittnebel photo

More Norm

In the pits, Minnesota Dragway, the Mr. Norm Super Charger.

Dick Wittnebel Photo

Norm, Norm, Norm.

Starting line, Minnesota Dragway.

Dick Wittnebel photo

Radici & Wise Vega

Radici & Wise Vega, yep, it's the red and white version...


From the High Country, Rob Williams at Century 21 Raceway in Colorado

R.L. "Pete" Garramone photo

Doug's Headers

Irwindale, Doug Thorley's killer 67 Corvair. Winner of the very first Funny Car Eliminator at Indy.
Chevy powered, and tuned by John Garrison.

Tom West Photo © 1999

Beswick Judge

Arnie Beswick's '69 Judge, all Pontiac Funny.

Marvin T. Smith photo

Mark Whitted

The Colorado Charger, Mark Whitted

R.L."Pete" Garramone photo

Don Cook

Don Cook's Corvette funny.
Next would come the much higher buck Damn Yankee funny.


The Lutz and Lundberg "442 Much" Oldsmobile funny. These guys were out of Minnesota, and the year here is probably late 1966.

More Lutz

Lutz and Lundberg in COLOR!

Dick Wittnebel photo

Lutz and Lundberg again

You know, it'd probably run better if they took that rag out of the injector scoop...

Dick Wittnebel photo


The Snake, mixing up a load.

James Morgan Photo

Conway's vette

Gene Conway and his Corvette Coupe funny. This was a _very_ competitive car on the West Coast Funny Car circuit.
It was replaced with a roadster version, similar to the Beach City, and Fiberglass Trends Corvettes.

Fighting Irish Satellite

Boy! How many of these Satellite bodies did Mr. Ed sell anyways?

Tim Beebe's Fighting Irish Satellite, with Dick Rosberg in the driver's seat.

Holy Toledo

Ed Lenarth's Holy Toledo Jeepster. If my memory serves me correctly, this car ended up at the sand drags...
but Ed still owns it at the present time.


Mighty Mike Van Sant wheeling the Invader Corvette at OCIR

King Rat

The King Rat Camaro. Folks say this was the LOUDEST Chevy powered car, ever. Driven by Gervasse O'Neil.

Jefferson Dykes photo

Nelson Carter

Nelson Carter, hisself, along with his 1970 version of the "Super Chief". Also known as the "Ugly Duckling", due to it's paint job.

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