Those first steps of the funny car pioneers...from the early A/FX "let's slide the body back, they'll never notice it" years,
pretty much up to when the names changed from the "Blue Max"and such, to "Big Beer Company Here"!

I tell ya, the stuff flying in over the wires is amazing! Everything shows up from professional photographer stuff to kids with Instamatics...and you know, the quality of the photo really doesn't matter. It's the subject, and the time...we'll never get back to this magic time again, so we just may as well enjoy what we can see. It's all good.

One thing we don't have, though, is photos for sale.
Most the photos on this site are unpublished, and are the copyrighted property of the individual photographers.

Check the Links page for photographers, and their contact information...

If there's something you don't see here, and you've got pictures of it, either scan 'em and send 'em in, or e-mail me and we'll work out something.

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mystery firebird

Jess Tyree's "Mr. Pontiac"...69 Winternationals

Dave Dewars photo

Dee Keaton's Cougar

Dee Keaton's Cougar Funny, Blown SOHC Ford, the photographers cringed when he came up to the line, as the weedburner type headers would blow shit all over the place...

J & M Racing Photo

Kosty and the Quarter Duster

Here's Fred Bickford's Quarter Duster in the pits, Kosty Ivanof in the firesuit on the right...

Fred Bickford Jr. photo


Flying Dutchman

The most normal looking of Al Vanderwoude's Dodge Funnies, a 1968 Charger. This shot taken at the 1969 Winternationals

Dave Dewars photo


Hawaiian Satellite

One car you will NOT see much of, Roland Leong's Satellite funny. This was an interim body, as there were NO mini-Chargers to be had anywhere, for any price. So they ran this Satellite body for two weeks.

Jefferson Dykes photo

SWC Pinto

The Stone, Woods and Cooke Pinto funny. Nicknamed "Tinkerbelle".
And there was no "Hemi Ford" under that body, just your normal everyday nitro-burning Chrysler Hemi.

George Houraney photo

Candies and Hughes Gang

Well, here we have the Candies and Hughes crew after finding the Fountain of Youth.

Really, this photo was taken at Houma, Louisiana, the very first time that Leroy Goldstein stepped into the car.

Now, which one of them is Leroy? How 'bout Leonard Hughes?

Photo generously provided by Lance Peltier

Candies and Hughes Lions

And just so Lance doesn't think I have a lack of Candies and Hughes they are at Lions...

J & M Racing Photo

ChiTown Hustler

A rare no-smoke shot of the 69 Chi-Town Hustler at Carlsbad...

AutoImagery Photo

M/T Red car, Blue car?

From the 1969 Winternationals, the new Mustangs from Mickey Thompson. So new, they had no lettering, no decals, not even the driver's name! So who is this? Is it Danny Ongais, in the Blue car? Pat Foster in the Red car? Hard to tell in this black and white foto...

Dave Dewars photo

Chrisman Mustang

Jack Chrisman's 70 Mustang Funny, the last conventional Funny he ever drove...

J & M Racing Photo

Keeling Clayton Pinto

Tom Ferraro, better known for his fuel altered piloting, here, in Keeling and Clayton's California Charger Pinto. Happy Landings!

Tom West Photo © 1999

Gabelich Four Wheel Drive

Gary Gabelich and the infamous four wheel drive Vega Panel. Constructed to be a super runner, this car crashed first time out, almost crippling Gary permanently. Fortunately, when he was taken to the hospital, there was a world-class surgeon walking out the door after completing another operation, saw that Gary's condition was serious, and managed to repair him almost as good as new...

J & M Racing photo

Mr. Ed Charger

Mr. Ed Charger at Lions, showing a little body distortion at the top end

J & M Racing photo

Pisano Vega

Sush Matsubara and Joe Pisano ran a string of Chevy-bodied funnys. Unfortunately, most of them met some kind of horrible demise...but Sush always walked away.

J & M Racing photo

Raunchy Cuda

Okay, somebody's gonna have to explain this one to me...let's see...they stretched the nose, so,
for good measure, they moved the roof back? Somethin' funny pun intended.

Bob Plumer provided photo

Don Schumacher at Irwindale Raceway...first of the new style Cuda bodies...

Tom West Photo © 1999

Shoe 66 Charger

Looks like it's gonna be a Schumacher Foto Fest here!!

Don's first real Funny, this 1966 Charger, all fiberglass body by Fiberglass, Limited, chassis by R&B, power by injected 426 Hemi.

Photo credit has slipped my mind, and I didn't write it down...

Stardust Rear Flip

The 1968 Stadust Charger. Chassis by Romeo Palimedes, who had this thing for the rear-flip bodies...

Schumacher Wheelstand

Irwindale again, nice launch by Don...note the "hockey stick" stripes on the quarter panels...70 Cuda fer sure.

Tom West Photo © 1999

Schumacher 71? Cuda

Schumacher at Lions, going up against M/T's Pinto...I see he's picked up a couple sponsors...Superior, and Clarion are very noticable. Don was one of the first to take advantage of outside sponsors that weren't directly involved with racing...

J & M Racing photo

Stardust Cuda (red)

One of the "fleet". By this time Don was fielding 3 Barracudas as the Stardust team. This particular one appears to be driven by Bobby Rowe, but you could never tell, as the "bossman" could show up at any time, given the right amount of money.

Tom West Photo © 1999


Red Stardust

One of the Stardust Cuda's, probably Raymond Beadle here, as Bobby Rowe's numbers have been primered over...

Tom West Photo © 1999

Karamasines Cuda

Chris Kamasines 68 Barracuda funny...looks like a Logghe chassis, but maybe not...not sure who piloted this beast.

Could this be the Fuller chassis car that Pat Foster drove? Why, info just rolled in, it's the Fuller chassis alright, but with Ron O'Donnell in the seat.

Bob Plumer provided pic

Boy Howdy! I was gettin' Mopar sweats there! Nothin' takes care of them Mopar sweats better than a Corvair! The "Assassination" Corvair of Guzman and Ward, out of Colorado. Brand new paint here, without a lick of lettering...

R.L."Pete" Garramone photo

Gotta tell ya, I like the paint here much better...that silver panel just looks kinda tacky...these guys were always a force to contend with, especially since they ran constantly and consistently in the thin air of the Colorado Rockies.

R.L."Pete" Garramone photo


It's funny, but have you noticed a lack of Don Pruhomme pictures here?
So did I, so I thought I'd right that wrong with this shot. This is the Last Drag Race at Lions in 1972,
and a beautiful gel coat finish Barracuda, with Kenny Youngblood lettering.

Okay, one vote for Jere Alhadeff, anybody else have any idea?

Snake II

Well, now here's what the Snake looks like with paint!
Don Prudhomme was killer with this car in 1972, running 6.45 at 226.5 mph

Les Lovett Photo

Chapman Camaro

Here's another shot of the Chapman Automotive Camaro, Ron O'Donnell at the helm, Dave Arlasky spinnin' the wrenches.

Ron O'Donnell

I keep putting up pics of him driving, might as well introduce him...Ladies and Gentlemen, Ron "Snag" O'Donnell!!

Damn Yankee

Ron O'Donnell...Don Cook...Damn Yankee...

Tom West Photo © 1999

Fiberglass Trends Vette

One of the Corvette club, Marv Eldridge in the Fiberglass Trends 'Vette...

Holy Toledo!

Ed Lenarth in the Brian Chuchua sponsored Jeepster, "Holy Toledo".

Photo thrown over the transom

Kenz & Leslie

Another of the High Country cars, the Kenz and Leslie Comet. They were one of the 5 teams picked by Lincoln-Mercury to run the new flip top Comets in 1966. Kenz and Leslie had years of Bonneville experience, and were known as guys who could get the best out of a motor.

R.L."Pete" Garramone photo

Marc Susman Nova

Marc Susman, a 19 year old Funny Car owner/driver, seemed destined to be big around 1969-70. Whatever happened to him?
He doesn't even have an entry in the Drag Racing List!

Tom West Photo © 1999

Jerry Ruth-Frank Hall

Jerry's Kids...

Second from left, Jerry Verheul, ace tuner, third from left, Jerry Ruth, not an ace, a "King", fourth from left, Frank Hall, a driver.
Taken at Seattle International Raceway.

Photo provided, I believe, by Tom Hanna

Nelson Carter

This appears to be Nelson Carter's second version of the Super Chief. He's now running a Mini-Charger body, and not so fancy of a paint least he doesn't have to have that stock grille anymore.

Tom West Photo © 1999

1972 Super Chief

Nelson Carter's 1971 Super Chief, with new mini-Charger body and model...

"The lady in the shot is Stephanie Rose, wife of Jet-Car pilot Doug Rose. She was one of the most cooperative people that you would want to be involved with, great person, and very nice looking as well.

In case you are wondering what was going on with her in the pic, we body painted her to match the car. Remember, this was the early-70s, and this was sort of a cool deal at the time. She brought along some cotton stuff to wear, so it could be painted over. Barbara Reyes (later McClurg), who passed away early last year, did the painting in the rest room in the tower at OCIR, just to show what a gentleman I was.

Since it wasn't a normal business day, they had all the AC turned off, and the odor of the paint ended up making Stephanie sick; she almost turned the color of the paint for a little while. The stuff ended up drying very chalky, so she couldn't sit down.

To get her down to the end of the track where we were going to shoot the car, I had her stand on the rocker, with the door open, hlding her around the legs, and drove very slowly to the other end of the track. Everyone was cracking up when we got there because she was leaving this yellow smoke trail from the paint blowing off of her."

Tom West commentary and Photo © 1999

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