Those first steps of the funny car pioneers...from the early A/FX "let's slide the body back, they'll never notice it" years,
pretty much up to when the names changed from the "Blue Max"and such, to "Big Beer Company Here"!

I tell ya, the stuff flying in over the wires is amazing! Everything shows up from professional photographer stuff to kids with Instamatics...and you know, the quality of the photo really doesn't matter. It's the subject, and the time...we'll never get back to this magic time again, so we just may as well enjoy what we can see. It's all good.

One thing we don't have, though, is photos for sale.
Most the photos on this site are unpublished, and are the copyrighted property of the individual photographers.

Check the Links page for photographers, and their contact information...

If there's something you don't see here, and you've got pictures of it, either scan 'em and send 'em in, or e-mail me and we'll work out something.

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Gas Ronda

Gas Ronda in his A/FX Mustang at Beeline Dragway, around 1965

Paul Hutchins photo

Tim Kushi

Tim Kushi at Lebanon Valley, NY. This is 1970, the event, the Fall Funny Car Invitational...note that Tim's been having some fire problems lately...

Dick Hawley photo

Funny Cars, or "Funny" gotta love 'em anyway!

Shubes and Olds

Hurst twin-engine Hairy Oldsmobile at Bakersfield March 1966. Joe Schubeck comes down in a helicopter, gets out in a full tuxedo driving suit, gets in and takes off down the track. It didn't smoke all four tires as desired by Hurst, but he still put on a show for the fans.

Paul Hutchins photo

Terrifying Toronado

John Smyser's twice-engined Terrifying Toronado upstaged the Hurst show with a smokey run. He wanted to race Schubeck, but the Hurst people would have no part of it so the fans were booing them.

Paul Hutchins photo

Seaton's Shaker

Pete Seaton's Seaton's Shaker and Dick Harrell's Nova at Bakersfield, 1966

Paul Hutchins photo

Kenz and Leslie Fire

Kenz and Leslie fire

Kenz and Leslie at the 1968 Winternaionals, with the bane of funny car safety, a transmission fire.

John Lacko photo

Tom Sneden, not a midwest driver, in the Bob Banning Challenger, with the Hill Bros. Cuda in the other lane...
looks to be post-burnout...

Here's the launch, looks like the Hill Bros. are out on Tom Sneden...

Dick Hawley photos

Hill Bros.

The Hill Bros.

Dick Hawley photo

Charlie Allen

Charlie Allen, the All-American boy, in his first funny. Note the excess wheelwell from the altered wheelbase...

Paul Hutchins photo

Landy's Dodge

Dick that fits the definition of "Funny Car",

Paul Hutchins photo

Don and Roy Gay

Don and Roy Gay's Firebird funny at the Winternationals...Doug's Headers Corvair nosing into the picture...

John Lacko photo


Gene Snow's Rambunctious, running as a B/Altered...Winternationals.

John Lacko photo


Maynard Rupp's Chevoom...392 Chrysler in the back seat...on fuel.

Paul Hutchins photo

Ronda and Rupp

Gas Ronda kickin' Maynard Rupp's butt...

Paul Hutchins photo

Harrell and Housey

Early Dick Harrell shot...

Paul Hutchins photo

Dick Harrell

Later Dick Harrell shot...

Paul Hutchins photo

Doug's Corvair

Doug's Headers Corvair...

Paul Hutchins photo


Clare Sanders in the LimeFire Barracuda.

Paul Hutchins photo

Mike Mitchell

Well, okay, it's a A/Gas Supercharged car, but it LOOKS like a funny...Mike Mitchell's Corvette, actually running as a BB/Altered, as it didn't conform to NHRA gas class rules...

Paul Hutchins photo

Mr Norm's Charger

Gary Dyer, and Norm Krause...Mr. Norm's SuperCharger, 1967 model...

Paul Hutchins photo


Another of Sam Axford's fine shots, this one of Arnie Beswick's 68 GTO funny...with a Palamides chassis, which explains the reverse tilt body...

provided by Rob Potter

Arnie Beswick

Boy, it's been so long, I've forgotten who took this photo!

Arnie "the Farmer" Beswick, with the first "really" altered Tempest of his career.

Dick Harrell

Dick Harrell's very rare Chevy Nova roadster.
This car was run for a very short time, so some of you may never have even seen it!


I believe this is Tom Tiganelli's UFO Mopar (can't tell if it's a Dodge or Plymouth!).
I seem to remember is was a Dodge, though

Rick Proctor photo

Nichols and Oxner

Nichols and Oxner at Cayuga Dragway against Tim Kushi....

Rob Potter photo


Walt Stevens in the AMT sponsored Pirahna. Tuned by Joe Anhory (of the Dead End Kids).

Sachs and Sons

Jack Chrisman, in the Sachs and Sons B/FD funny car class at that time!

Seatons Chevelle

Pete Seaton's 1965 Chevelle match racer...


Still another one of those "funny gassers" The Bushwhacker, a 69 Dart
...ex-Brad Anderson Gasser, owned at this time by Keith Bush.

Paul Hutchins photo

Hu baby

Hubert Platt's Holman and Moody built longnose A/XS Mustang with an injected Cammer.

Paul Hutchins photo

2 comets and a Charger

The 1965 Jack Chrisman Comet and the 1966 Jack Chrisman Comet, as restored by Jim Barillaro, along with the restored 1971 Gene Snow Charger in the background.

"I don't remember!" photo

Arizona Wildcat

Larry Christopherson's "Arizona Wildcat" Vega. I believe this followed the fuel altered...

Dave Esqueda Photo

Blair's Speed Shop

Steve Bovan at Fontana with the Blair's Speed Shop Nova...a killer car with one of the first supercharged Rat motors on Fuel...

Dave Cochrane photo

Broadway Freddy

"Broadway" Freddy DeName was one of the more colorful characters in Funny Car racing in the late 60's and early 70's... Don't know where this car fits in the scheme of things, but it looks good.

Tom West Photo 1999

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