That Damn Kid!

James Morgan and his father attended many of the funny car races at New England Dragway.

Dad liked to pose young James in front of his favorite funny cars, and get a picture for posterity...

Other people saw these pictures, and said, "Who's that damn kid in every shot?"

Now you know...

All photos on this page,
Courtesty of That Damn Kid Collection, James Morgan © 1999

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"Gene Conway's topless Corvette touring the East.
Still wonder to this day if my Dad was trying to take a pic of me, or the girl on the ramp truck."

"1971, and the "LA Hooker" struts her wares in the tobacco fields of Maryland."

"Malcolm Durham's "Strip Blazer" was a strong runner in the Mid Atlantic region. Very popular with fans in that area. Malcolm ran as fast as 7.19 @ 201 with this car. And where did I get this hat?"

"Still in Maryland, 1971, a beautiful May spring day. Terry Hedrick is prepping his Camaro for 1st round action."

Okay, where's James?

"Perrenial favorite Bruce Larson, gets the "USA-1" Camaro ready for the "Spring Funny Car Nationals" at Epping, NH.
I'm not sure New England ever had a funny car show where Bruce wasn't present, at least as long as the "USA-1" series of cars was running.
Bruce won the "New England Funny Car Nationals" once (68 if memory serves me) and was runner-up again in 1979."

"First Class at haulin' ass, it's Tommy Sneden piloting the "Bob Banning Dodge" Challenger.
This car was beautiful in every detail. I witnessed Tom pull a large wheelstand once, and when the car came back down,
the front of the body broke off, and he ran over it. Well, Tom appeared to be a little pissed by this incident,
as he drove the car back up the return road, winging the throttle several times.

If you can't run good, make sure you put on a, 70's funny car racing."

"Before Al Segrini became big time, he was piloting the Segrini Bros. "American Express" injected Camaro.
The towing set-up he had for his "Super Brut" series of cars could swallow this little set-up whole and still have room for another car.
Boy, things have changed!"

"The ultra-modern Mini Charger of Nichols & Oxner sporting canard wings in the spring of '72.
According to the "Drag Racing List", Wayne Oxner piloted this beauty to a 6.88 @ 215."

"Spring of '72, and it's an injected Vega. That's all I remember."

"Tim Kushi's "Damn Yankee" Challenger, spring of 1972.
I hear Tim is still involved with fuel racing, by wrenching on Tommy Johnson Jr's Top Fuel car."


Jimmy King & Don Marshall's stretched Duster. This is the same car that met an untimely end almost a decade after this shot was taken in 1972. These guys were a staple at all the Northeast match race facilities."

"Chevy powered, colorful & LOUD, the "King Camaro" put on a good show for the folks who ventured out to Epping, NH in the spring of 1972. Dean LaPole piloted this entry to a 6.53 @ 214 during the 1972 season."

"Spring, 72, Jimmy Maybeck's "Screaming Eagle". I remember this car doing hellacious (drive it like you hate it) burnouts.
The Drag Racing List says Jimmy ran as quick as 7.16 @ 205 with this car."

"Bob Cain's "Hurri-Cain" (wasn't it cool when funny cars had names?) 71 Cuda was based in Massachusetts. Bob had carded a best of 7.33 @ 210 with this beast."

"It's the "Rapid Transit" Cuda of the Hill Bros., complete with working headlights for those not-so-well-lit tracks.
I wonder if Pete had a high beams button?"

"The "Freedom Machine". Spring, 1972. I know Don Roberts has been behind the butterfly, but not sure who was driving this day. I think the car was owned by Siegers & Corcheran (sp?). Charlie Siegers is now one of the engine men for NASCAR's darling, Jeff Gordon."

An unrepentant tough guy version of That Damn Kid poses in front of the Fox and Rivero Frantic Ford Mustang...

"The beautiful and infamous "Shark" of Frank Federici getting prepped for battle in the late summer of 1972."

Bob Riggle's "Hemi Under Glass" Firebird (ex-Don Gay car), piloted by Dale Emery...James looks worried...

"Spring of 72, and it's Charlie Wilson's Camaro, wish I could tell you more, but that's all I remember."

"Early 1972, and NED had a 16 car show called...what else...the "Spring Funny Car Nationals". Lew Arrington and his best looking "Brutus" (my opinion). As the season wore on, this paint job faded noticeably, here it was still pretty fresh."

"September 1972. Al Hanna in Joe Mundet's Pinto Funny car"

"Fall of 1972, at New England's 32 car show, the life expectancy for this particular Vega was short. In the first round, Kosty got up against the rail about 600 feet out, and hit a spot where the plumber's pipe rail had been replaced with Armco (thanks to Frank Federici) a couple of weeks before. Well, I'm not sure if the canard wings caught or what, but the car disintegrated right before our eyes. A violent crash, complete with fireball you could feel on your face, the enigine bounced down the track . Othaer than the body, the largest piece left of the car was the roll cage, with Ivanof still strapped in. Amazingly, Kosty walked away from this one with nothing more than reported severe bruises from his harness."

And Bob Riggle's Challenger wheelstander...more his speed.

"September of 72, aat the NED "Funny Car Nationals". Fearless Freddie Goeske in his Duster. At this race, up until about 1980, we would get a chance to see a lot of the Midwest cars."

"I remember the Hardie & Miller Vega as being short and bad tempered. Not sure who was driving when this shot was taken."

"From the "Funny Car Nationals", September 1972, it's the Jackson Bros. "High Explosive" Charger.
One of the few African-American fuel teams, they went on to campaign a Vega by the same name, and then the "mandingo" Vega."

"The 1972 NED "Funny Car Nationals" featured 32 blown nitro burners racing for 5 rounds. "Jungle" won this year.
This is Bill Lawton's Pinto."

"Paul Stefansky's "Super Stang" being unloaded in September of 72."

"Ken Poffenberger's Cuda (former Prudhomme Hot Wheels) with Tommy Hall behind the wheel, gets ready to race the other 31 entries at the "New England Funny Car Nationals". I remember seeing an article on this car in "High Performance Cars" magazine. remember when they used to have their annual Funny Car race at Atco?"

"The Swensen & Lani team made the tow up to New Hampshire throughout the 70's. This 72 Mustang with Arne Swensen behind the wheel ran as good as it looked."

"32 cars filled out the field for the 72 "New England Funny Car Nationals" and two of them can be seen here. I can't remember who ran the "Warhorse" entry, and I think Bobby Rowe was piloting the Taylor & Wolff "Super Duster"."

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