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EVEN NEWER!!! UPDATED 3/24/2001!

Here you'll find the best in Funny Cars, between the years of 1965 and 1975,
with a few after 1976, the corporate sponsors started filtering in,
aerodynamics started changing the looks of the cars, and I can't keep track of ALL
of these things throughout the years!

Sit down, grab a cold one, and enjoy!

Click on "New Pages" for recently added stuff, "Old Pages" for the photos you've grown to love,
and "The Pits" contains all those great shots of your heros in the thrash mode!

Added a neat little story to the "Foster" page...

Kosty Ivanof, 1974

Dave Milcarek Photo

One thing.

I've just recently had to shut this site down due to photo pirating. Since this site is totally self-funded, I don't have to do this. I do it because I dig these cars. So be cool, and what you see here, leave here. Or at least don't put it in public view.

If you've a need to use a photo from this site for a non-commercial, non-website, non-newsgroup use, all I ask is that YOU ask.

There are quite a number of professional and amateur photographers who provide me with photos for this site, and nothing bums them out more than finding out that their photos are posted elsewhere. No more photos from photogs, no more site. It's that simple.

Just ask.
Thanks, Jim

One thing we don't have, though, is photos for sale.
Most the photos on this site are unpublished, and are the copyrighted property of the individual photographers.

Check the Links page for photographers, and their contact information...

If there's something you don't see here, and you've got pictures of it,
either scan 'em and send 'em in, or e-mail me and we'll work out something.

And try out the Search feature!
Just type in what you're looking for (one or two words, spelling counts) and a list of pages should pop up!

The Funny Car Pages are copyright Jim Sorenson © 1999-2000 all rights reserved.
All copyrighted material herein is used with the permission of the copyright holder.