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The Winged Express

The Winged Express...where do you start? Willie Borsch was always the constant here.
Various partners came and went,
but Willie just kept droppin' the hammer and blazin' the slicks down the quarter-mile.

Winged Express v2

Here's the Winged Express, version 2 at Minnesota Dragways, I'd figure the date as 1970. Lotsa pit monkeys around...

Dick Wittnebel photo

push start

The classic push start.
Al Marcellus still has the Dodge truck, which he uses to haul the reproduction Winged Express.

Dick Wittnebel photo

Willie at Ontario Motor Speedway, must be the Supernationals.

L & M Photo

Altered tour

Maple Grove, either 1970 or 1971. You can tell, because Willie's in the new Wing.

JW Last Photo (Thanks)

Maple Grove

The Wing 2 at Maple Grove, back when real racers used push starts..

JW Last photo

Wing2 in pits

Winged Express Version 2 in the pits, post run, chute is still inside the car after the tow back...

David Ray Photo

So, why is Willie smiling?

1970 Nationals

Winged Express Version II, at the 1970 Nationals...note the differences from the picture above.

Ken Andrus photo


Here's Willie doing a little maintenence work -1971.

Jim Russell Photo

Lyle Greenberg photo

The Winged Express V.2 at Albuquerque NM. This was a Fuel Altered competition, with many other Altereds in attendence for this race.The Rat Trap was there, the Fuel Altered of the Boudakian Bros., the Magnificent 7 car of Leroy Chadderton, and others...

Laundry out!

Willie hangin' out the laundry after a hard pass in The Wing V.2

Jere Alhadeff Photo

Wing 2

Another shot from Irwindale...dated October 1970...the new Logghe chassised Wing, coming down the return road...

David McFee Photo

Wing at Thompson

Photo by Charles Gilchrist

1970 Supernationals...coming...

...and going...

Blower Pop

Here, Willie tries to protect himself as the blower sneezes off the motor...who's steering?

James Morgan Photo

The 2nd Winged Express, on one of it's national match race tours, at New England Dragway, 1972. Willie Borsch doing a little maintenance.

Phil Elliott Photo

Robbie Robertson Photo

What next?

Boy, some folks'll do about anything to drive the Winged Express!


Willie Borsch, hero driver

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