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The California Altereds

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Beaver Hunter

Nolen Pritchard's Beaver Hunter, here at Tucson...

From the Dave Hough Collection
John Shanks Photo

Trillo Bros.

The Trillo Bros. Turns out this is the ex-Mike Sullivan Fiat, if you were wondering where that car went...
The Trillo's ran it with a Big Block Chevy, Jim Trillo drove, and they turned at best, a 7.28 at around 200...

Greg Bellemuer

This crazy Bellemeur guy...got lots of pictures, little info. He was from Monrovia, CA,
and ran a Fiat before going to the T bucket. There's a great shot of him mowing down the Xmas
tree at the Winternationals with the Fiat...have to find that.

Don Gillespie Photo

Greg Bellemuer

Greg Bellemeur, again! At least here we've got a color shot...

David Ray photo


This shot just about got Dave Hough fired from the quarry that he worked at
...seems this is the quarry parking lot! There's a matching shot of the Nanook
alone on Page 2 of the Nanook Pages, by Tom West.

Bob McClurg Photo

Burkholder Bros Tub

No tow straps, a push car. Like things are supposed to be...the Burkholder Bros.
gorgeous T Touring...

Bob Plumer Photo


The Tocco-Harper-Garten AA/FA with "Rapid" Roger Garten back behind the wheel for a
pass at the 1998 California Hot Rod reunoin at Bakersfield.

Mike Boersma Photo © 1999

Burkholder Bros & Wild Willie

The Burkholders and Willie at OCIR.

Jere Alhadeff Photo

Mike Sullivan in Canada

Mike Sullivan here in Tucson.

Don Gillespie Photo

Ford and Cox

Denny Ford, in the Ford and Cox A/FA. These guys liked to mix it up with the big boys,
as they could hook this
little small block powered rig up at the night races when the tracks
got a little slippery...and, the car used to be the car below...

Dave Williams Photo

Stone T

The Stone T, in it's injected phase. Later picked up a blower, and ran as a full fledged AA/FA

Ray Higley

Ray Higley in the Global AA/FA...this was one of the transformer rigs, Altered by day, Funny by night.

Stone T

And, here's the blown version of the Stone T...

David Ray photo

J & M Speed Center

Leroy Chadderton's Magnificent 7/J & M Speed Center car, at Ontario Raceway.

David Ray Photo

Fantasia Willys

John...'s Fantasia Willys AA/FA...

Lawce & Gunn

The Lawce Bros. and Gunn, Sherm Gunn behind the wheel.

David Ray Photo

Short Trip

The Short Trip...no other information. Please help!

From the Dave Hough Collection
John Shanks Photo

Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7, the first version...note the height of the chassis and the engine,
supposedly to help with weight transfer and traction...then look at the later version above, after
advances in tire and clutch technology.

Sy Shockley

Les Shockley and Sons...Tucson.

From the Dave Hough Collection
John Shanks Photo

Lo Blow

The Campos Bros. LoBlow T, Tom Ferraro wrestling it down the track.

Jere Alhadeff Photo

Sherm Gunn

Sherm Gunn, here torturing the M&H's for all their worth, Tucson Raceway.

From The Dave Hough Collection
John Shanks Photo

Magnificent 7 & Psycho

Great night shot of the Mag 7, and the Psycho Mustang of Snodgrass and Mahnken.

Jere Alhadeff Photo

Ray Higley

Ray Higley in an earlier version of his "Climax" line of fuel altereds,1973, Tucson.

Rick Shute Photo

The Magnificent 7 and the Rat Trap duke it out on their eastern tour, 1970,
at Thompson Dragway in Ohio

Charles Gilchrist Photo © 1970

Willie and the Poor Boys

Willie and the Poor Boys...nothing. I don't know a thing about these guys,
other than they're Northern California guys.

And they like Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Mental Cruelty

Dave Bowman's Mental Cruelty AA/FA, here at Orange County.

Jere Alhadeff Photo

Panic 1998

It's 1998, Fuel Altereds still live! The Panic altered, formerly campaigned by the late Gary Hazen,
here takes a shot at the Bakersfield quarter-mile with it's new owner/restorer Ron O'Havre
behind the wheel.

Mike Boersma Photo © 1998

Lo Blow

The semi-original Lo Blow...

Jere Alhadeff Photo

Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan and the paint job he should have on the car they run today,
instead of that damn Jet-Ski paint job...

Bob Jones Photo

Mike Sullivan

Sure looks like Lions to me...Mike Sullivan again.

Pat Smith photo

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