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The California Altereds

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Bad Actor

Howard Haight in the Wilson-Topping "Bad Actor"
...here running with Bill Schultz's Top Gas engine...

From the Dave Hough Collection


You tell me...I've been trying to figure this one out for almost a year now...it's at Bakersfield.

Jere Alhadeff Photo


Hoven-Way-Okazaki...Groundshakers Jr, flower power era...at OCIR


"Terrible" Tom Ferraro in the Campos Bros. "LoBlow" at OCIR.

L & M photo ©

Louis Sweet

Louis Sweet in his early T-bucket, with a narrowed 77 Firebird nose for a spoiler.
This was a former sand drag car...

Mark Hovsepian photo


Bowers-Paris-Reed, Red Paris handling the driving chores...the "Mother-In-Law"

No Mercy

Jeff Bennett in the "No Mercy" Fiat.

Mike Boersma Photo © 1999

Mike Sullivan

Who else?

Paul Hutchins Photo


Ed Estrus...at Bakersfield, CHRR 1999...this car was called "Snooky's" all weekend,
until the guy showed up with the shirts on Sunday, then it became "Estrus" I dunno, bought a shirt though.

Mark Hunerlach photo


Woody Duke's Fiat...a somewhat reproduction of an earlier car...
I think this one's MUCH faster, though.
California Hot Rod Reunion 1998

Jim Phillipson Photo


Boyd Penington's Smog Rat circa 1964


Tony Waters A/MFR at Bakersfield...this car was the runner up to Art Chrisman for
Top Eliminator ant the very first March Meet in 1959

photo provided by Wayne King


Gary Hazen's Panic...looks to be at Ontario, by the grandstands...

David Ray photo

Warlock II

Nick Otto and Frank Pitts ran the Warlock II, after acquiring the car from Fred Sorensen.
Here shown picking after a run at Irwindale.

Greg Bellemuer

Greg Bellemeur here in his "Easy Rider" T-bucket...don't know much about Greg...
anybody out there know him?

John Shanks Photo


The Tocco-Harper-Garten altered, rat-motored in this shot,
with "Rapid " Roger Garten behind the wheel.
Sponsored by Bishop and Buell Racing Engines.

L & M Photo


John Aleman's Sheepherder and Ray Higley's Global Moving Altereds, around 1978.

The Trillo Bros. A car I know very little about...but you'll tell me, won't you?

Rick Shute Photo


Here's Greg Bellemeur again...the note attached to the photo said "Alky powered".
Tucson Raceway.

John Shanks Photo

Thurmond Bros.

One of the diehard fuel altered teams, the Thurmond Bros...
ran this '32 Ford chassis and body setup late into the 60's

The Burkholder Bros. taping a little weight on the axle...

Bob Plumer Photo

Thomas and Pritchard

Thomas and Pritchard's Beaver Hunter at Lions...

Jere Alhadeff Photo

Coors Light

Rod Hynes in the Coors Light altered...

Thurmond Bros.

Those Thurmond Bros. still smokin' it, at OCIR.

L & M Photo ©

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman's Mental Cruelty Bantam bodied Fuel Altered...

Horchar Bros.

the Horchar Bros. speed down the OCIR quarter-mile in their Super Thief fuel altered...

Bob Thompson Photo

DiMatteo Bros.

Considered one of the most beatiful fuel altereds ever, the DiMatteo Bros. at Irwindale.

DiMatteo Bros.

Looks like chroming the headers wasn't such a good idea...


Mike Sullivan and the Rat Trap face off at Firebird Raceway in Boise, ID.

Bob Jones Photo

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