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The West Coast Altereds

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Trillio Bros...

The Trillio Bros...one of the lesser known of the California Altered clan...ex-Mike Sullivan car

Dave Esqueda photo


Hazen and Velebil's Panic at OCIR...

Tom West Photo © 1999

Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan's Injected A/FA at OCIR...

Me thinks this is an L & M photo

Mike Sullivan

Mike's first blown car...from Drag Racing Magazine

Pat Harden photo

SuperThief Cutaway

The Horchar Bros Super Thief in a Kenny Youngblood cutaway drawing.

art done and provided by Kenny Youngblood

J & S Speed

The J & S Speed Shop Bantam roadster, Dave Beebe at the wheel...

Dave Cochrane photo

mental cruelty

Dave Bowman's Mental Cruelty AA/FA and it's high-tech alarm system.

Bob Plumer photo

OCIR Program

Caption reads..."DAVE BOWMAN learned a lesson, never loan your motor. He got it back, but not in the same condition as loaned.
Rounding up parts might keep Dave too busy to make this meet."

From an OCIR program for an 8 car AA/FA show

Warlock II

It's either Fred Sorensen, or Frank Pitts in the Warlock II, at Fremont Raceway.

Bob Plumer photo



Irwindale, 1969, Mondello and Matsubara

Dave McFee photo



From the "Where Are They Now" files...

The Mondello and Matsubara Fiat, in a semi-restored state, on display at ...

Don Roberts/Mark Hovsepian photo

Instant T

Dennis Geisler's Instant T waiting for the tree to drop...

missing photo credit...

DiMatteo Bros.

One of the prettiest Fuel Altereds in Southern California, the DiMatteo Brothers Bantam bodied roadster...

Monkey Motion

Gil Hayward's Monkey Motion Bantam at Irwindale

Dave McFee photo

Monkey Motion

The Monkey Motion staging at Irwindale...

Dave McFee photo

No Mercy

It's a new one, as you can see by all the stuff out in front of the front axle, but one of the better looking new ones.

Jeff and Bonnie Bennett's "No Mercy" AA/FA, at Bakersfield, 1999

Tom West Photo © 1999


Mike Sullivan's new ride...the question I pose, why this paint scheme? How come the old Stars and Stripes paint job didn't come back?
I think that would have had this car booked solid, if it even vaguely resembled Mike's old car!

and yet I forget again...no photo credit


Now, here is what I think is the classic stance for a Fiat Altered. Randy and Dexter Bradford's Fiat, Irwindale 1969. Probably with Frank Harris driving.

Dave McFee photo


Before there was the purple fiat, there was the blue Fiat...Injected Rat motor, on gas...

Looks like an L & M photo

Sullivan Push

Mike Sullivan getting a ride back to the pits...

Bob Plumer photo

Burkholder Fiat

Pete and Hairy Burkholder's Fiat getting a little traction action here...

Tom West Photo © 1999

Burkholder tub

The ever recognizable Roadster/Tub of the Burkholder Brothers.

Photo provided by Bob Plumer


Tom Ferraro in the Campos Bros. Lo Blow T -bucket at... ahhhgggg!....I"VE FORGOTTEN!

Tom West Photo © 1999

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