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Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan and the famous "Stars and Stripes" paint job. Photo taken here at OCIR.

Mike Sullivan

The Mike Sullivan Fiat, at the 1973 Fuel Altered Nationals in Tuscon, AZ. Mike qualified # 2 at this event, with a 7.73, but went out in the 3rd round against "Nanook"

Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan, again at OCIR, with another variation of th red,white and blue paint scheme.

L & M Photo

Sullivan Pits

An earlier version of Mike Sullivan's Fiat, at Irwindale, 1969

David McFee photo

Thurmond Bros

The Thurmond Bros., who ran this '32 Ford highboy roadster, with a '32 Ford frame, up until the early 70's.
Not terribly competitive by that time, but they smoked 'em!

Photo by Jere Alhadeff

Arizona Wildcat

More shots from the 1973 AA/FA Nationals...

This is the Arizona Wildcat, the ex-Nanook car owned by Larry Christopherson, and driven here by Dave Hough,
but driven in the meet by Dennis Geisler.


beaver Hunter

The Beaver Hunter at the 1973 FA Nationals, Stan Lucas driving...
They qualified pretty far down the field with an 8.30, and red-lit in the first round


Sandy Johnson, shoeing the Deliverance to the number 9 qualifying spot...8.11

Easy Rider

Gregg Bellemeur's Easy Rider in the number 13 position, with a 8.52

Instant T

And the reason Dennis Geisler was driving the Arizona Wildcat,
was that he crashed the Instant T in side by side qualifying.

Yellow Sub

Lewis and Perry's Yellow Submarine, Dale Lewis up.
They had a faulty magneto, which cut short their chances of winning.

Winner 1973 FA Nats

And the winner, after 7 rounds of wild Fuel Altered action, Howard Haight,
driving a Fuel Altered for the very first time in the Panic FA of Hazen and Wilson,
beating the MOB in the final round.


Herb Pinckney and Fred Sorensen's Warlock

The Hyder Bros. 26 T AA/FA, at Lions...

Bob Thompson photo

Scrounger/Rat Trap

The Scrounger, and the Rat Trap, at Irwindale, 1969

David McFee photo

Stone T

Graf and Yoshioka, the Stone T, a nice long exposure shot

Mag 7 and Thurmond Bros

Magnificent 7, Leroy Chadderton, at Irwindale, going up against the '32 Ford AA/FA of the Thurmond Bros.

David McFee photo

Mondello Pits

Mondello and Matsubara in the pits, Irwindale, 1969

David McFee Photo


Looks like the Boudakian Bros. altered at Irwindale, but I'm not sure...

David McFee photo


Now, this car looks very familiar...could it be a primered Nanook? Irwindale Raceway, 1970

David McFee Photo

Black Magic

The Black Magic T


Boudakian Bros.

Early Burkholder Fiat

The Burkholder Bros AA/A Fiat, with blown Olds power, a precursor to the wild AA/FA's

Burkholder Touring

Burkholder Bros T Touring, with those bitchin' injector stacks...

Burkholder Fiat

The same car as above, but with a Fiat body...the Burkholders again.

Bob McClurg photo

High Heaven

Cal Jackson's High Heaven Bantam AA/FA

Horchar Bros

The Horchar Bros. Pre-Scrounger, but what a lace paint job!

Randy Bradford Collection

Black Magic

Black Magic 23 T, 1979 FA Nats. Rod Hynes helming Bill Frontuto's ride.

Dave Kommel photo © 1999 Auto Imagery

Plan A

Johnny West's 1979 version of the Plan A AA/FA

Dave Kommel photo © 1999 Auto Imagery

Stone, Inberg and Ferraro

Stone Ingberg and Ferraro Fuel Roadster at the March Meet, Bakersfield 1964

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