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The WEST COAST Altereds

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Walt Stevens again, in Dick Stahl's Hemi Ford AA/FA.
You can see Dick above the tire smoke on the right, along with Lions starter Larry Sutton.

This car later became the "Stone T".

photo provided by Walt Stevens

Walt and the Stahl roadster at night...

photo provided by Walt Stevens

Hunter, Lewis and Perry, at Lions 1967

Hunter, Lewis and Perry again, at speed, executing a little high speed drift

The Monkey Motion A/HR

Hazen and Velebil's "Panic"

Gary "Blazin" Hazen and the "Panic" T smokin the hydes...


Rare shot of the Hazen and Velebil Panic with the short-lived canard wings...

Tocco-Harper-Garten, "Rapid" Roger Garten behind the wheel, Rat motor powered, these boys would soon go to Chrysler power.

Jere Alhadeff Photo

A pair of shots of the Tocco-Harper-Garten '23 T, with Rat Power by Bishop and Buell Racing Engines. Rapid Roger Garten steering the beast, just waiting until he can get a Chrysler in there.

John Shanks photo

The young Mike Sullivan...A/FA days, and was competitive with the blown guys, as the clutch and tire thing was still in development.

Mike Sullivan's injected A/FA. Mike could run with the blown cars early on, but he would see the light, and a blower was in the near future.

Randy Bradford Collection

Bob Plumer Photo

Horchar Bros. Super Thief with a little commentary from Kenny Youngblood...

"We did the body and paint at Dick Olsen's shop in Bellflower. They brought in the bare glass body, and wanted the roll cage enclosed. Olsen said, 'Blood, this is a job for you (I liked working with fiberglass too), so I made a cardboard "buck", and laid up the enclosure. They had the name "Super Thief" (a play on Nelson Carter's "Super Chief), so I suggested the prison stripe paint scheme. Olsen shot it and I lettered it, including a cartoon on the deck lid of the thief himself.." --KY

Bob Plumer Photo

Horchar Bros, and the "Super Thief"

The Cal-Hydro roadster...Olds Powered and probably running on gas, but I had to put a photo TAKEN by Don in here!
This shows why he drove, and his brother took the pictures.

Turns out they snuck some "pop" in this sucker occasionally.

Photo by Don Ewald

West Coast Altereds Page 5
West Coast Altereds Page 6
West Coast Altereds Page 7
West Coast Altereds Page 8
West Coast Altereds Page 9



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