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It's the Rod Hynes Page!

Long-time fan, then Fuel Altered pilot, Rod Hynes embodies the die-hard Fuel Altered guy. The photos on this page are from Rod's private collection, and for the most part, all captions are Rod's.

And the McGee 4 cam QuadZilla still rests in his garage...waiting.

Eloy, AZ.
Semi-final loss to Craig Epperly, driving Don Tate's "Superstar" Funny Car.

Amos Satterlee in other lane (black hat), Don Tate, directly behind starter (sitting, in red cap),
Gene Lucas (Stan Lucas' son) in red cap behind car, Joey Pierce behind Gene.

Rod racing Jim Dunn's "Fireman's Quickie" Firebird funny at Carlsbad, 1983

Dave Kommel Photo

My claim to fame (or infamy?)... A fire burnout at LACR that continued into a 1/4 mile smoker...163 MPH,
then drove back down the return road with both chutes still out.

Bob Johnson Photos

Lucas and Hynes "Black Magic" - prior to Coors Light name and sponsorship.
Rod kneeling, Rod's dad - Tom Hynes, standing, Stan Lucas in chair behind Rod. LACR, 1980

Bill Frontuto in the Miles and Frontuto "Black Magic" at Orange County.

The Miles and Frontuto "Black Magic" at OCIR.
That's me, kneeling at right, with my back to the camera, jacking the car up.

Pulling down for an attempt, at LACR

*The Crew* From left to right, Stan Lucas, Gene Lucas, Rick Vasilik, Chales Walters

"Dry-hop" at Palmdale.
Ed Moore of the "Mob" behind the car, holding his hat on...

Bob Johnson Photo

Stan Lucas and Rod Hynes at LA County Raceway, August 1985, ADRA race.
This is the burnout prior to final round loss to Ray Higley's Global Van Lines fuel altered.

Bob Johnson Photo

Racing Barry and Sharon Dell's "Flashback" at LACR... ran 7.08 ET at 208 MPH to win!

Burnout at LACR (Los Angeles County Raceway) during a fuel altered race in 1986.
Best run in this car at LACR, 6.98 @ 208 MPH...
best overall run in this car, 6.77 @ 211 MPH at Orange County.

Bob Johnson Photo

First time out with Coors Light paint... Looking good!

Bob Johnson Photo

Fire burnout at Spokane... Ran 7.37 @ 197 MPH...right after the Mob ran the very first 5 second Fuel Altered pass...

Rich Carlson Photo

Rod "gets" the "spoils"!
ADRA Fuel Altered race at LA County Raceway, Palmdale CA August, 1985

Sacramento Raceway.

Shakedown pass at Palmdale, March, 1987

Bob Johnson Photos

1st full pass, "shakedown" run on "new" car, April 1987, 7.01 at 211 MPH.

Bob Johnson Photo

Racing Bryan Raines in John Lindsay's "Impulse" at Spokane, August, 1987.
3 runs, 1* 6.49 @ 212.31, 2* 6.58 @ 212.90, 3* 6.68 @ 221.35

Seattle, 1987

Rich Carlson Photo

Warming up the car...Sacramento.

With the McGee at LA County 1990. Chris Mcgee in the foreground.

The Hynes and Lucas McGee quad cam powered QuadZilla at LA County Raceway

On parade at the 1991 Winternationals at Pomona.
Courtesy of Steve Gibbs - he let us display there.
He is the best person in the NHRA today.

On display with Barry Dell's Flashback in Long Beach to promote 1991 race at Palmdale.

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