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The California Altereds

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Campos Brothers "Lo Blow" '23 T Fuel Altered, driven by Tom Ferraro

A Southern California Altered show regular...

Tom drove numerous Altereds and Funny Cars thoughout his career.

The LoBlow and Tom Ferraro suffer a bad fire. This happened on December 7, 1969 at Irwindale, while racing Leroy Chadderton.The block had a cracked main web, and when it finally let loose, this is what happens when all that oil and nitro go up.Tom suffered second degree burns over 60% of his body in this fire and required a lengthy convalesence.

LoBlow Chev

Same basic roadster as below, but with a top mounted blower now. Plus a tonneau cover over the cockpit, taller front wheels, and faster!

The original Campos Bros LoBlow. The name was inspired by the front-mounted blower setup. A 1927 T body, which wasn't all that common on a fuel altered.

Randy Bradford Collection

Here's the Stone T, in it's injected incarnation...

the "Stone T".

This car ran originally as an A/FA as seen above, then a blower was added, and they were up with the big boys. Frank Graf and Mikio Yoshioka worked respectively for Hank the Crank, and Donovan Engineering.

1958 Chrysler, expanded out to 440 ci, AiResearch blower, Enderle injection pumped out an estimated 1500 horsepower. A 98" RCS chassis holds everything together.

In 1971, these guys ran an all time personal best of 7.06. They also were the low qualifier at the '71 March Meet, with a 7.34, and won OCIR's Fuel Altered extravaganza with a 7.10, and were runnerup at the '71 PDA meet in Combo eliminator, losing to Adams & Enriquez.

Glenn Way's Groundshaker Jr.makes it's move at the March Meet.

Randy Bradford Collection

And here's the Groundshaker Jr. on the trailer...They don't tow 'em like they used to!

1962, and you thought fireballs were a relatively recent phenomenon...S & S Automotive lunch one at Bakersfield. Tom Walsh, driver, after recovering from his burns here, went on to field a number of AA/FDragsters, one which was driven by my pal, Wayne King. The S & S stood for Santos and Stapleton, and if the name Santos is familiar, it's the same Santos family who now run a killer AA/DA (No Federal Mogul Here, pally!)

Thanks to Dave Sorenson (no relation), and Jim Butler

Charles Strutt photo

Boyd Penington at Lions in the "Smog Rat 1" A/FR. Boyd ran this with both a 354, which turned a best of 9.40 @ 168.04, and a 392, with which he turned 9.155 @170.50

Walt, "I'll drive anything" Stevens, in Dick Stahl's Ford powered AA/FA. Yep, that's a Ford Motor in there, with a set of Mickey Thompson Hemi heads on it. Walt said this car would never run the same between one run to the next. 1st run, it would go straight as a string, 2nd run, turn hard left at 600', 3rd run, turn hard RIGHT at 300'. Always an adventure.

burkholder aa/a

Burkholder Bros. AA/A, with Olds power. The Outcast name carried over to the touring bodied AA/FA. Altough it says AA/A on the side, these guys weren't adverse to sneakin' some "pop" into the tank when needed.

burkholder scoop

Bakersfield at night, 1968. Burkholder Bros. with the chute out. Note that they're running a scoop on the injectors instead of the trademark organ pipes.

The Burkholder Bros, putting it to an out of shape Mike Sullivan to win the 1970 March Meet. The Burkholders cars were always beautiful. And those organ injector stacks...how cool!

Burkholders T Bakersfield

Looks like this photo was taken at the same March Meet as the photo above...love that smoke pattern on those rear slicks!!

Tom West photo


burkholder fiat

Burkholder Bros. after they ditched the touring body, and went to a Fiat. Same chassis, just a different look.

Magnificent 7-OCIR

The Magnificent 7 at OCIR

Tom West photo...I think

The second version of the Magnificent 7 car of Leroy Chadderton and Glen Okazaki.

They ran this car until 1971, when they went to Elephant motors, and a wacky paint job.

Same car, but according to an article in National Dragster, 7/5/85, Leroy hooked his right slick into the turf at Maple Grove, flipping him over. Chadderton slid upside down, motor still running, behind Willie Borsch. Miraculously, Chadderton was uninjured, and the car was repaired so he could continue touring. All this happened in 1968

The follow-up car to the Magnificent 7 - J and M Speed Center, Chadderton and Okazaki with a new, more funny car style Altered.

Also note, they've gone to the late 426 motor here. Nice wing, too!

Randy Bradford Collection

Dexter "Brad" Bradford and his son Randy, ran this injected Rat motor A/FA. Bought from Lee LeBaron in 1966, this car was very competitive with the AA/FA's of the time, because of the clutches and tires available at the time. Especially at damp tracks in the evening.

Randy told me that Mike Jones, then manager at Orange County, told them that they could no longer run with the AA/FA's, and would have to put a blower on the car if they wanted to run the Orange County Fuel Altered shows, so...

Randy Bradford Collection

...a blower went on. Randy drove until September of 1968, when Uncle Sam decided they had better things for him to do.

At this point, Frank "Hawk" Harris took over the driving chores until 1970, when Randy left the Army.

Randy Bradford Collection

But while Randy was away in Southeast Asia, Frank Harris talked a pal of his, Molly, who was a noted custom painter of this era, into squirting some color onto the Fiat body. This is one of the few drag cars that Molly ever painted, preferring to concentrate on bikes and vans. But it looks good to me!

When Randy returned, AA/FA was bcoming more competitive as tire and clutch science advanced. It was only inevitable that a Chrysler was in the Fiat's future.

But in the meantime, Randy replaced the Rat Trap on the 1970 Fuel Altered tour that included Leon Fitzgerald's Pure Heaven, the Winged Express of Marcellus and Borsch, and the Magnificent 7 of Leroy Chadderton. Randy took top honors at a Maple Grove Fuel Altered Extravaganza, turning 7.60's at 190 MPH.

Ya gotta love it...picture right off the work bench, coffee, grease, oil and all.

Randy Bradford, hard into his burnout, looks like a little weight jacking could be in order here.

Randy Bradford Collection

Caption reads: "The County, Cal, •JUNE 22••The final run of the evening was Frank Harris over Sush Matsubara."

Right outta the papers...The Bradfords along with driver Frank Harris, win three in a row . Must be the supercharger...

Randy Bradford Collection


Looks like Randy's smokin' em hard here-Irwindale Raceway

Randy Bradford Collection


I'd say this is OCIR, Bradford's Crank staged...

Randy Bradford Collection

I think Jere Alhadeff photo

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