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Don Green's RAT TRAP


The Rat Trap story starts well before there ever was a car with that name.
Don Green had been building fuel motors for some time in the early '60's, and got together with Butch Pipins to race their first Fuel Altered, appropriately named "Pipins & Green"

Tom West photo

Now this is very early on in the partnership, as the car hasn't even been lettered yet. Probably in 1966. This is the first version of this car, as shown by the square roll bar, and the slotted I-beam front axle.

The second version of the Pipins and Green AA/FA, getting the crowd all worked up.
See that the roll cage has become a little more form fitting?

Again, version two, smokin' them M & H's

Ooh! A color shot of Butch Pipins at OCIR! Not as much smoke, maybe a Crowerglide?

Bob Plumer Collection

Rat Trap Handout

The front of an original Rat Trap handout...

...and the back. Notice the scratchout of Dan Geiger as driver. Hmm...

Handout courtesy of the Dave Hough Collection

Original Rat Trap

The "Original Rat Trap" with George "The Stoneage Man" Hutcheson at the wheel. Dig them crazy plumes on the helmet!
Irwindale 1969

David McFee Photo

Rat Trap

Maybe somebody out there can explain that crazy frame...looks like the car is breaking in half!

Ron Hope? Got any answers?

David McFee photo

L & M Photo

Rat Trap Top End

Tom West photo

The Rat Trap, with Dangerous Dan Collins aboard.

Photo by Rick Shute/Dave Kommel/Auto Imagery

Here's a color shot of the Rat Trap at OCIR, showing off the fine handiwork of Dennis Watson,
who was responsible for the unusual independent front suspension,
and the rest of the chassis. And from this photo, it sure looks like it's working!

L & M Photo

L & M Photo

Tom West photo

One of the neatest looking of the Fuel Altereds-Don Green's Rat Trap

Night shot Rat Trap

Great looking shot of the Rat Trap blazin' into the sunset...

photog unknown

Rat Trap at Lions

The Rat Trap at Lions, looks like Dennis Geisler in the far lane, Dan Collins wheeling the "Trap". There were a couple of Dan's who drove the Rat Trap, Dan Collins, and Dan Geiger, along with some others...

J & M Racing photo

The Rat Trap and Pure Heaven on their Eastern tour, here at Thompson Dragway

Charles Gilchrist Photo © 1970

Don Green's famous AA/FA "Rat Trap," in a great burnout.
It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on August 29, 1970.

Charles Gilchrist Photo © 1970

Blue Tinted Rat Trap

Another great night shot of the Trap...with a new paint scheme...lots of blue now.

Rat Trap on tour

Maple Grove, Union Grove, what do I know? The Rat Trap on one of the Fuel Altered summer tours.
Not sure who's driving here, could be Dan Geiger, or Dan Collins. Dan, that's who it is!

Photo provided by Dick Wittnebel

Rat Trap pits

The summer tour again, swarming with pit monkeys...

Dick Wittnebel photo

Rat Trap push

These darn Dodge trucks, seems like everybody had one...but there's nothing like a push start. Let's toss all those aircraft starters into the ocean, and make all starts push starts, huh?

Dick Wittnebel photo

Where are they now?

Rat Trap 1998

1998 at the California Hot Rod Reunion

Photo © 1999 Tom West

1999 CHRR

Here's the rebuilt Rat Trap, being guided back to the starting line by Don Green's grandson, Ben Green, at the 1999 California Hot Rod Reunion. Owned By Ron Hope and Don Green,
driven by Ron, and tuned by Don, the Rat Trap is still burnin' nitro, and smokin' down the quartermile!

Mork Hovsepian photo © 1999

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