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Leon Fitzgerald's PURE HEAVEN

One of the fastest Rat Motored Fuel Altereds, you could never count the Pure Heaven car out at ANY meet.

fitzgerald fiat

This is the earliest photo I can find of Leon's cars...off the cover of Hot Rod Parts Illustrated, the Fitzgerald Racing Equipment Fiat,
complete with small block Chevy power.

Pure Heaven 1

What would be called Pure Heaven 1...the Anaheim Speed Engineers Bantam.
This actually is the chassis and engine from the Fiat above, with a new fiberglass Bantam roadster body

Jere Alhadeff Photo ©

early Pure Heaven

One of the earliest shots I've been able to find. The tonneau cover is still unpainted aluminum...Looks like Carlsbad here...

One thing that hasn't been mentioned...Leon's partners in the Pure Heaven II. R.T. Reed, and Richard Rockman.

Pure Heaven flat gettin' with the program!

Looks like Irwindale here, note that the early version of this car had the Moon tank parallel with the front axle. The later version, the tank was turned so it faced frontwards.

Pure Heaven in '67

Pure Heaven Chute out

Well, once you get it going, you've got to stop it somehow...Still the early version here.

Pure Heaven III, at Suffolk Raceway

Eric Brooks Photo

pure heaven nite

Pure Heaven III again, night shot at OCIR

Pure Heaven 3 Pits

Looks like Mrs. Fitzgerald is keeping the wheels shiny here...Probably at Indy.

David Ray Photo

Pure Heaven Thompson

Pure Heaven 1970

Charles Gilchrist Photo © 1970

Pure Heaven 3

Photo by John Shanks,
Dave Hough Collection

Leon Fitzgerald and Art McLaren

Pure Heaven Restore

Not sure where this is, or who's the shoe in this photo, but this is the rebuilt/reconstructed version
of Pure Heaven II, that ran in the late 80's and up into the mid 90's.

Now safely housed at the NHRA Museum in Pomona

A shot of a younger Leon Fitzgerald, around 1968

Randy Bradford Collection

Bob Nylander watches, as Rod Hynes climbs into the cockpit of the restored Pure Heaven...

Mark Gurewtz Photo

"V for Victory"

Rod flashes the V as he sits in the restored Pure Heaven.

Mark Gurewtz Photo

Bob Nylander, and Leon Fitzgerald pose with Pure Heaven at the 1985 Winternationals

Rod Hynes Photo
The Hynes Collection © 2000

Leon and Pure Heaven, 1985

Rod Hynes Photo
The Hynes Collection © 2000

Bob Nylander, Palmdale 1986

Rod Hynes Photo
The Hynes Collection © 2000

Bob Nylander, Palmdale 1986

Rod Hynes Photo
The Hynes Collection © 2000

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