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Ed Moore, after splitting away from Dave Hough, continued to campaign in the Fuel Altered ranks.
Here's his Friendly Chevrolet sponsored AA/FA, with Rat power, and a Turbo 400 trans.
Never was able to make the automatic trans work like he wanted, so he went to the altered standard, direct drive

photographer unknown

Friendly Chev

Here's Ed Moore at Irwindale, getting ready to make a pass in the Friendly Chevrolet car...

David McFee Photo

The first MOB T, at Irwindale Raceway.

The initials MOB originally stood for "Moore, Oates, Bradley",
but the partners would change around as the years went by but the name stayed the same,
even when a partners name wouldn't fit. Why ruin a good name?

Bob Thompson photo

The MOB guys were a colorful bunch, that's for sure

Mob T Blue

Ed Moore in the first of the Mob cars at Bakersfield

Tom West photo

Mob T

The Mob roadster pickup with a set of headers that look like they're off of the Fiat...

No idea who took this...

Mob and Plan A

Gotta be one of the Fuel Altered Nationals...Ed Moore going up against Johhny West in the "Plan A" car...

photo credit goes here....


Well, it's the Fuel Altered Nationals in Tucson, 197?

Left to right; Bill Pillow (Ed Moore's neighbor), Bob Cliff (crewman when the MOB was in Tucson), Darrell Thompson (crew),
Jan Thompson, Trophy Girl (Minette?), Ed Moore, Devon Moore, Bob Huff (track owner), Barbara Miller, Phil Miller.

...and a cast of thousands...

is there a photo credit in the house?

Mob T Pickup

Here's the Mob T Pickup early on, before acquiring the cowl over the rollcage...

Mob Motor

Pictured here, the MOB's front airfoil and between rounds maintenance at the 1973 Fuel Altered Nationals.

photographer unknown

The Mob in the mid '70's...Note the stretch in the frame, the eyeball aero attempts with the front axle wing
, the enclosed roll cage, and the roll cage wing.

Mob March Meet

And here's Ed Moore standing it up at the March Meet, 1976

Photo © 1999 Dave Kommel-Auto Imagery

A color photo of the above car. The Mob guys had a penchant for changing paint jobs quite often,
which may have been related to their penchant for blowing things up fairly often.

John Shanks photo


Life does not look real rosy for Ed Moore right at this moment...and judging from the size of the slicks,
he's movin' at a pretty good clip here...in the lights at OCIR!

Mob at OCIR

Ed Moore and the ever-exploding MOB roadster at one of the PDA meets in the 1970's, this was their last qualifying attempt...Lee LeBaron is in the other lane behind all that smoke,,,quite a sequence here...

Mob at OCIR 2

...looks like it's going straight...

Mob at OCIR 3

Uh-oh...getting a little sideways...

Mob at OCIR 4

Well, now Ed's doing a little driving here...

Mob at OCIR 5

Let's try the other two wheels...

Mob at OCIR 6

And as Ed said when he sent me these..."That's All!"

..for this run...

By the way, Ed moore sent me an e-mail after I posted this, and said "And we qualified on this run, too!"

Photographer unknown

OCIR 1973

Here's Ed getting ready for a run at OCIR, around 1973.

John Shanks Photo

Mob Fiat

I'll bet this shot is taken at Tucson...1977 Fuel Altered Nationals...

photo credit missing

Scratchy ol' photo of the MOB Fiat, at the 1977 Fuel Altered Nationals

Mob 1976

Here's a case of two photographers standing right next to each other...check out this shot, note the photographer across the track?
Right between the blower and the windshield? Look at the phot below, same guy, but the car hadn't gotten to him yet.

John M. Ayriss photo

color MobFiat

Here's the Fiat in color....

Jon Asher photo

Mob Fiat

The Mob at the AHRA World Finals in Spokane...1986!
Ran a 5.87 to a shutting-off 212 mph.

no photo credit found


Nice head-on shot of the Mob Fiat

Paul Sadler Photo

Black Mob Fiat

The Mob at Riverside Raceways

Mark Hovespian photo © 1998

So, where are they now?

Ed Moore likes to fly from what I hear, he's an accomplished pilot from all reports.

Phil Miller is partners with John Lindsay on the "Impulse" AA/FC.

Larry and Carol Dana own the last MOB Fiat, and here's a shot from Sacramento Raceway
March, 1999

1999 MOB

photo © 1999 Mike Boersma

The MOB Lives!


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