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The Altered Links Page!

They've been clamoring for this for months, and I'ma gonna give it to ya!

First off, though, we're going to credit the photographers who make all this possible!

For all you drag racing picture lovers, especially you Funny Car guys, Ya gotta check out
Bob & Dottie Plumer's: "Drag Racing Memories" Catalog. This sucker is full of vintage
F/C, ProStock and Exhibition Car pics; ones I haven't even thought about it years.
(Bob promises the diggers are on the grill and will be in his next catalog update).
And, they carry all sorts of resin model molds and decals.
The catalog alone is worth the 5 bucks but get this -- Buy the book and the $5.00 is credited to
your first pic purchase. Walla - free catalog full of great shots from the '60's and '70's.
Send $5.00 cash, check or MO to:
Drag Racing Memories
200 N. Kalmia Ave.
Highland Springs, VA 23075
Or, call with your CC #: (804) 328-0680
Or, do it my way: E-mail: Drag Racing Memories

Jere Alhadeff started drag racing photography in 1965 and was the track photographer at Lions, Irwindale, and Orange
County in Southern California at different times during the mid 1960's through early 1970's. He has 12,000 racing
images, mostly in black and white. Photograph prices start at $11.00 for an 8x10 black and white, plus shipping.
Jere has 600 images that are normally stocked, and a complete listing of these 600 photos and a few photocopy
examples is available for $3., which is refundable with a $25. order.
Contact: Photography Jere Alhadeff
13622 Cypress street
Garden Grove, CA 92843-3231
Phone: 714/530-4849, Fax: 714/530-5247
Photography by Jere Alhadeff

Glenn Miller - Trackside Photo
Gearhead, Riversider, Drag Race Photographer, 1958 through 1973 tracks covered: Colton Drag Strip,
Riverside, Pomona, Fontana, Carlsbad, OCIR, Bakersfield and Irwindale. Has over 5000 shots from
this period, EMPI Photographer with the Inch Pincher Crew. Questions, History, Comments ? E-mail
me !! Millstok@aol.com.

"Pete" Garramone Racing Imagery
If you're looking for great drag racing action photos from the 1960's and 1970's, check out Pete's
stuff! Many of his shots can be seen and purchased at his PhotoPoint site.
Pete has a small catalog (105 color,105 b&w). 8x12 color prints cost $10.00 and 8x10 b&w prints go
for $7.50 plus a $3.00 S&H.
The catalog sells for $3.00 which includes postage.
Contact For More Info:"Pete" Garramone

Contact noted drag racing photographer Steve Reyes to purchase a copy of his book "Fabulous Floppers" which looks back at the history of F/C racing in a pictorial format or his 70's flopper collage poster at reyesontour@juno.com

Contact 70s photographer John Shanks for a copy of his catalog which contains over one thousand of pictures of 70's flopper, T/F cars, etc., at 949-498-6413
Or, e-mail John at johneshanks@aol.com.

Dave Kommel and Rick Shute's two of the best photographers around, and here's their fine Drag Racing site. If you need a photo of almost anything, they're bound to have it! And at damn reasonable prices, too!

From my pal, K. Scott Teeters, at Precision Illustration, come these three great Fuel Altered prints!
Some of the finest work I've seen, and I've seen a lot!

Go here, Precision Illustration, check out the work and order a few today!

The most funny cars you're gonna find on one site!
From 1965 to 1975, the evolution of the Funny Car, from near-stock cars, to tube frame, fiberglass bodied nitro-breathin' monsters!

And, it's my site!

Don Ewald's jam packed front engined top fuel dragster site...it's the biggest dragracing site on the Internet today...over 2900 images, over 70 pages...if you go here, pack a lunch! You'll be there for hours!

If you want to know what goes on in drag racing north and south, and between the US borders,
Horsepower Heaven is the place to go...even in the US, HH functions as an unofficial Division 6 website.
webmeister/fotog extrordinaire Larry Pfister
doesn't make it south of the Canadian border as often as he would like, but when he does ...watch out!
And the videos he does are BITCHIN'!

My bud Larry Smith, and a fine racing collectible site. Check out the cool apparel, check out the literature, fill in some holes you collection, or keep up on some of the restorations of vintage drag racing machinery on the site.


Home base for the Nanook and Tocco-Harper-Garten Fuel Altereds owned by Geno DeBortole

Check out the home base for the Rat Trap AA/FA!

The home of the Sweet Thrills AA/FA Fiat, winner of the 1999 Western States Fuel Altered Championship!

Bill Pratt's Mondo "We Cover the Entire Galaxy of Drag Racing" site...for the most part, if you can't find out who
went the fastest or the quickest in virtually any class on this site, then probably that class never existed!

Dave Mann's awesome collection of links and pages from all over the globe and from the dry lakes, to drag racing, to whatever you can think of, you'll probably find it there, if it's got anything to do with hot rods of any kind!

The North East Timing Association, headed up by "Tiny" Eglit, runs a whole nostalgia-type series at tracks all over the Northeast! (where else?)
CLUB CARS include......Front Engine Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars, Fuel Altereds, Jr. Fuelers, Front Engine Dragsters, Blown Alky Doorslammers, Gassers, Super Stockers, Stockers! Click on this link to get more info on the whole deal, you won't be sorry!

Southwestern International Raceway
11300 S Houghton Rd. Tucson, AZ 85747-9755
Phone: (520) 762-9700 FAX : (520) 762 - 9777


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